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Damage and Loss Policy


We take great care when providing cleaning services in our clients’ homes or offices. However, in the rare event that damage or loss occurs during our service, we have a clear policy in place to address such situations:

Documentation and reporting:

    • Our employees are trained to immediately report any incidents of damage or loss they notice during or after the cleaning service.
    • They will document the details of the incident, including what was damaged or lost, when it occurred, and any relevant information.

Notification to the client:

    • We will promptly notify the client about the incident, either during the service if possible or shortly thereafter.
    • We will be honest, transparent, and apologetic about the damage or loss that occurred.

Assessment and resolution:

    • We will thoroughly assess the extent of the damage or loss and evaluate the best course of action for resolution.
    • Depending on the nature of the damage or loss, we will offer appropriate solutions, which may include repairing, replacing, or compensating for the damaged or lost item.

Insurance coverage:

    • We maintain liability insurance coverage to protect our business and clients in case of accidents, damages, or losses.
    • We will follow the procedures required by our insurance policy to ensure the proper handling of claims.

Communication and documentation:

    • We will keep the client informed throughout the process of resolving the issue.
    • We will maintain detailed records of the incident, including the steps taken to address the damage or loss, any communication with the client, and the final resolution.

Improvements and prevention:

    • We will use the incident as an opportunity to review our cleaning procedures and identify any areas for improvement to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.
    • We are committed to ongoing training and development for our staff to ensure the highest level of care and professionalism.

It is important to note that our cleaning business takes all necessary precautions to minimize the risk of damage or loss. However, should an unfortunate incident occur, we are dedicated to addressing it promptly, transparently, and responsibly to ensure client satisfaction and maintain the reputation of our business.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns regarding our Damage and Loss Policy.

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